Thursday, 7 March 2013

A few photos from Feb


Vegetarian chicken balls pasta

Very easy and wholesome for a lazy dinner

I made Xmas cards last year

Thanks god, I had too much time :-)

For some people these little guys might look a bit strange.

I have this love and hate relationship with any kind of pretzel.
I got this from the states(of course) last year when I was visiting San Francisco.

I tended to get heaps more of this but my husband gave THAT look. 

Anyway I'd have been patient for a while and finally open it about a month ago(drool...)


My husband who gave me THAT look ate more than a half bag -_-


Hands down
Zattar bread from A1  bakery on Sydney road.

I freaking love this flat bread.

It's super easy to make but hey, food always tastes better when someone else makes for you

$1.50 for one flat bread

I always buy 10 and wrap them individually then freeze them

To reheat?
In 220C oven for 5-7 mins (or until it gets golden brown)



I made this pie for my class mate's husband's bday party

Recipe from my mum

Soooo good

It will be also good with a scoop of ice-cream
Aren't I too much westernised? -_- 

Also I made some red bean buns for the party
Made them into vegan vision

These were good but I prefer buns made with butter and milk

One lazy and hot night


I love the colour combination going here


Popcorn in a microwave

Of course wine

Sparkling wine and Muscat

Fancy some grapes/chocolate and muscat?

My favorite afternoon snack

Sliced apple and peanut butter
also grapes

Hope you all have an awesome weekend (and labour day)

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

F i r s t

It's been at least three years since I've created this blog
then what?

I haven't touched it since.


 I am lazy

I can't be bothered talking my stuff in English.
English is not my first language plus according to my husband my writing is.. hmm.. not good

Yes, again
My English


Thought it might be helpful to improve it a bit.

Excuse me if I made any mistakes

I will shut up then start a first post 

It was my husband's bday

Toasted almonds
then played around with sugar in a pan


They looked like almond covered in snow or something for a while
then they became these lovely crunchy babies

After cooled down crunchy almonds
gave them shower coco powder

It has to be good quality dark coco powder


Made instant meringue cookie with coconut

They were bases for my mousse

Hubby pouring sparkling wine into his glass

Happy birthday


Skipped taking photos of my chocolate mousse
Also I made baileys sabayon as well


This is the result

Balileys sabayon
Coconut meringue cookie
Chocolate mousse
more coconut meringue cookie baked into little balls
Crushed almonds

For freshness
I chucked some raspberries too


We wanted to eat some more food after all

some salami slices
not fancy cheese slices
and some pepper jam(so good... my friend got us as xmas pressie from D.O.C)

and some savoy

Withe yummy red wine
2007 Yering shiraz

Now I am craving cheese and wine(AGAIN!!)